EE Projects (EE 296, 396, 496)

I am happy you are interested in enrolling in EE 296, 396, or 496 with me.

To do so, please print and fill out the following forms:

Then bring them to my office for my signature.  You can then go to the EE office...

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Software Engineering (ICS 314, 413, 414, 613)

ICS 314/414 is a two-semester undergraduate sequence in software engineering.  This class takes a technological approach to the presentation of traditional software engineering concepts like specification, modeling, analysis, planning, design, and quality assurance.  By the end of the course, students acquire familiarity with tools including Java, Eclipse, JUnit, Subversion,...

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Independent Study in Sustainability (Spring, 2013)

I am happy to announce that I will allow selected students to enroll in ICS 499, Spring 2013 to develop sustainability projects under my supervision.  This course is primarily intended for those involved in the 2012 University of Hawaii Kukui Cup challenge.  You should contact me directly if you...

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Software Engineering for the Smart Grid (ICS 691, Fall 2012)

Software Engineering for the Smart Grid, held in Fall, 2012, focused on the issues and applications of software technology to support the modernization of our electrical infrastructure.  The course had two parts: in one part, participants read selected papers on software for the smart grid to become...

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Research Project Topics

Research in CSDL normally focuses in the areas of software engineering and renewable energy, although we have supported a wide range of research topics in the past (dolphin whistles, anyone)?  If you are looking for a research topic to pursue as part of an undergraduate or graduate thesis...

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Independent Study (ICS 499, 699)

I’m glad you’re interested in taking an independent study course with me in an upcoming semester. This page is intended to help make sure you understand my particular style and philosophy for these courses.

An important thing to understand is that ICS 499 and 699 are independent study. That...

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Working at another institution is an invaluable learning experience.  CSDL supports this experience in both directions:  by helping CSDL students visit other institutions for a summer, semester or longer, and by sponsoring other students to come work in CSDL.

CSDL students have interned with a variety of organizations including: ...

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Google Summer of Code

In 2008 and 2009, the Hackystat Project was selected as a participant in Google Summer of Code.  This enabled a total of nine students to work on the Hackystat Project during the summer and gain experience with the development of an open source project. Not only that, they...

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Letters of recommendation

If you are a student looking for a job or applying to graduate school, you will find that you need to ask one or more professors for letters of recommendation, or at least for the right to list one of us as a reference on your resume.  Asking...

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