Research Project Topics

Research in CSDL normally focuses in the areas of software engineering and renewable energy, although we have supported a wide range of research topics in the past (dolphin whistles, anyone)?  If you are looking for a research topic to pursue as part of an undergraduate or graduate thesis program, here are some current active areas of research in CSDL for your consideration:

WattDepot.  A recent project is WattDepot, an enterprise-level open source system for energy collection, storage, analysis, and visualization.   There are a number of research directions to pursue using WattDepot as a basis, including platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for energy, advanced energy visualizations, and database optimization for energy.

Makahiki.  Another recent project is Makahiki, which is a “serious game engine for sustainability”.   If you are interested in applying game mechanics to education, or sustainability, or behavior change, then there are a wide variety of software development challenges available as part of this project.

Kukui Cup.  The Kukui Cup is an energy challenge that employs both Makahiki and WattDepot technologies (as well as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) with the goal of created sustained, positive changes in energy behaviors. A variety of research opportunities, both within and outside of computer science, are available.