Continuous GQM

Summary:  This research investigates the integration of Hackystat metrics collection with the GQM (Goal / Question / Metric) Analysis Paradigm.  GQM is a popular approach for goal-oriented, systematic definition of measurement programs for software-engineering processes and products.  This integration should allow the goal-oriented use of the metric data collected by Hackystat and increase its usefulness for project control.  During the course of this work, an extension to Hackystat called hackyCGQM was implemented. As a result, hackyCGQM enables Hackystat to be used as a Software Project Control Center (SPCC) by providing purposeful high-level representations of the measurement data.

Another interesting side-effect of the combination of Hackystat and hackyCGQM is that this system is able to perform fully automated measurement and analysis cycles. This leads to the development of cGQM, a specialized method for fully automated, GQM based measurement programs.  As a result, hackyCGQM is able to implement a completely automated GQM-based measurement framework. This high degree of automation is made possible by limiting the implemented measurement programs to metrics which can be measured automatically, thus sacrificing the ability to use arbitrary metrics.

Principal researcher(s): Christoph Lofi

Publications: Citations and publications

Project Page: Not available.

Status: Active development 2005.