Summary:  The goal of Project HI-TIME was to improve telecommunications policy planning by implementing an iterative, interactive, computer-mediated collaborative planning process. Such a process would enable the State’s telecommunications infrastructure plan to be more efficiently and effectively upgraded to reflect technology and policy shifts in local communities.

In early 1995, the State of Hawaii began work on a revision to its telecommunications policy planning process. The traditional process was manual, time-consuming, and frequently resulted in policy decisions that had already been made obsolete by changes in the telecommunications industry.

Project HI-TIME included a sophisticated, computer-supported collaborative work system intended to both enact the planning process as well as provide access and visibility into the planning process for the general public.

In early 1996, the ambitious collaborative planning process, including the implemented, deployed HI-TIME system, was abandoned and policy planning reverted to the prior approach.

Principal researcher(s): Carleton Moore

Status: Active development 1995 – 1996.