Software ICU

Summary:  The “Software ICU” is an analysis  technique for supporting rapid assessment of the “health” of one or more software projects.  Similar to a medical ICU, the Software ICU gathers and presents current values for a variety of project “vital signs” in addition to their recent historical values.

The Software ICU provides mechanisms to “colorize” both current values and trends independently.  The colorization results in a red, yellow, or green color for the recent value or trend, which provides an indication of the “health” of that vital sign.  (Green is good, red is bad, yellow is in the middle.)   A configuration panel allows each user to customize the way in which colorization is applied to the vital sign.

Not all vital signs can be colorized.  For example, the Size vital sign cannot be easily identified as “good” or “bad”.  Nonetheless, it provides useful information about a project in the Software ICU that might be helpful in interpreting other vital signs.  Vital signs that cannot be colorized are presented in white.

Principal researcher(s): Shaoxuan Zhang

Status: Active development 2007 – 2009.